Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

Every couple experiences conflict, but there exists a way to transform conflict into what it truly is: an invitation into greater intimacy with not only your partner, but yourself. Do you find yourself fighting the same painful fights, re-ignited in the light of differing contexts, but basically the same power struggle? Over time, many relationships evolve into accustomed roles that become unconsciously played out over and over with neither party having an experience of their needs being met.

Committed exploration and a willingness to be curious and vulnerable regarding what is motivating one’s own behavior, reactivity, patterns, and choices can bring about positive change for your relationship – whether it’s steering a particular issue or transition toward compromise or simply bringing about a new deepened sense of passion and commitment. Seeking the safety and containment of professional psychotherapy is a monumental first step on the road to turning painful patterns into productive partnership.

Some reasons couples frequently seek therapy may be, but are not limited to: infidelity, loss of intimacy, sex issues, communication breakdowns, explosive fights, and life transitions.

I welcome initial consultation inquiries from all types of couples interested to see if couples therapy could be a way forward – including those of the LGBTQ community and those of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds.

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